Cunaguaro consultores ltda. has been doing environmental consultancy since 2008, socially and ecologically, generating trusted information that gives our clients the capacity to make the best decisions while managing the natural resources responsibly.


Biodiversity Profiling
We develop detailed biotic characterizations with specialized personnel in both water and land ecosystems, generating information that helps decide how to manage, protect, and keep biodiversity.
Endagered Areas
We have extensive experience in marking and characterising endangered areas like water sources, lagoons, swamps, estuaries and more. We then create projects that stabilize, protect and preserve the affected areas.
Forestry Inventories
We determine the vegetation coverture, forestry components, the composition of plant species and the biomass of a specific area.
We help improve landscaping practices. By developing initiatives that respect the native environmental conditions and local species, we ensure continued wellbeing of the landscape while also realizing your project.
Environmental Compensation
We implemented Environmental Compensation and Research Programs that allow for the compensation of ecosystem alterations, in accordance with the MADS Manual for the Allocation of Compensation for Biodiversity Loss (2012), previous Environmental Licenses, Management Sheets and requirements in general.
Environmental Monitoring
We carry out periodic measurements on faunal components, floristic, edaphic, water, hydrological and atmospheric, in order to determine changes associated with the development of a specific project.
Monitoring of Fauna on the Streets
We develop periodic monitoring of wildlife on the roads to establish measures to mitigate the problem of road traffic jams and road traffic incidents .
Socio-environmental Diagnoses
We generate diagnoses that allow us to analyse a socio-environmental situation in a holistic way, towards its assessment and protection.
River Basin Management
We carry out environmental studies that allow us to learn about, value and protect the availability of water resources and biodiversity in a river basin.
Environmental Impact Studies
We develop Environmental Impact Studies for the execution of projects in different sectors (energy, hydrocarbons, agriculture and transport).
Environmental Management Plans
We generate Environmental Management Plans in accordance with the requirements and business policies of our clients and current environmental regulations.
Solid Waste Management
We design, implement and track solid waste including waste reduction, awareness campaigns and experiential environmental education on a rural and urban level.
Alternative Environmental Diagnosis
Establecemos alternativas encaminadas a generar el menor impacto posible por la ejecución de un proyecto.
Efficient Use of Water/Energy
We develop programs for the efficient use and saving of water and energy, in rural and urban areas. Suitable for public and private sectors, highlighting opportunities for efficiency and conservation of resources.
Environmental Concepts and Incentive
We issue technical concepts on specific environmental conditions, advise on potential tax benefits for technological conversion projects, and guide our clients within the framework of current environmental regulations, promoting sustainable development.
Permits and Licenses
Permits and Licenses: We advise on the permits and licenses necessary for the inteded activity according to the environmental regulations. We establish criteria, gather information and keep track of each step.
Energy Efficiency
We develop programs oriented towards the promotion of energy efficiency, renewable and alternative energy sources; carrying out technical and feasibility studies of reconversion initiatives.
Equipment Rentals
We have equipment for the development of biodiversity, which are in maintenanced constantly. We also supply qualified training staff which explain proper usage to the customers.
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