Biodiversity and Conservation

We develop initiatives for the management of Colombian biodiversity, with public and private, national and international organizations. Investigating focal species, integrating conservation medicine, and generating strategies for the prevention of threats.

We at Cunaguaro carry out initiatives for the management, handling and conservation of Colombian biodiversity:

  • Research on focal and endangered species.

  • Management and conservation of native wild species.

  • Strategies for the prevention and mitigation of threats to biodiversity (Road crashes, habitat transformation, hunting, etc.).

  • Conservation agreements.

  • Collection of biological, genetic and specimen samples for research purposes.

  • Veterinary and nutritional management for wild specimens in captivity or in rehabilitation processes.

These strategies are implemented through cooperation agreements with public and private organizations in the country and globally.

Private Conservation Projects


The Canaguaro Foundation is registered as an organization by parques nacionales naturales de Colombia, to facilitate the relation between public and private institutions, and contributing in the construction and strengthening of the national system of protected areas.

One of our objectives is to work with private landowners who want to initiate processes of biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of biological resources.


Turtles of Casanare and Arauca
Through the Tortugas project in the area of influence of the Bicentennial Oil Pipeline in Casanare and Arauca, we made new information available for the conservation of the threatened turtles of the Colombian Orinoquía, especially the morrocoy (Chelonoidis carbonarius), the Orinoco river turtle (Podocnemis expansa) and the terecay (Podocnemis unifilis).
Registration of New Reserves
We support landowners interested in registering their properties as civil nature reserves. As a coordinating organization we contribute to the conservation and management of the area.
Anteater Conservation Project
The Colombian Ant Hill Conservation Project seeks to contribute to the conservation of the Vermilingua in Colombia through the development of research, education and sustainable development initiatives.
Mauritia Project
Through this initiative we seek to generate alternatives for the improvement of livestock, biodiversity conservation and sustainable tourism, as a strategy for the recovery of the morichales of the department of Casanare.
New AICAS for Casanare
With the help of the Calidris Association, the IAvH, Birdlife International, the Palmarito Foundation and the USFWS, we have declared more than 60,000 new hectares for the conservation of birds in Casanare and Vichada.
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Biodiversidad y Cultura

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